Connecting What Matters

Suppose you could produce accurate Financial Statements and Management Reports


Why waste time and money manually collecting vital sales data from your Point of Sale system?


One POS system or many, DataMash ConnectTM can automatically gather POS data and post it to cutting edge accounting software for up to the minute reporting

DataMash Connect

Custom designed software interface to gather your data from a single or multiple sources:

  • Food and Beverage POS systems

  • Hotel systems
  • Gas stations & convenience stores

  • Specialized billing or payroll

Records your non-integrated data to a robust accounting system


DataMash Connect

Produce consolidated reports for:

* Data Analytics
* Forecasting
* Business Decision Making
* Financial Statements

Other benefits include more centralized work flow, AP supply requests and approvals, time data for payroll

ADDED BONUS: Multi-company reporting 


DataMash Connect is a product of  

Horse Dancer Consulting, LLC